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New environmentally friendly inorganic non-combustible insulation materials production

Author:adminRelease time:2019-05-25 13:39

Recently, a new type of energy-saving inorganic non-combustible heat preservation board developed by a building energy saving enterprise in Qingdao has been put into mass production in Qingdao development zone. This kind of material with its environmental protection, noncombustible, construction is convenient, cost is low, service life is long, energy-saving effect is remarkable wait for a characteristic, got the expert inside course of study high praise and the favour of large construction project construction unit, will replace original traditional building materials of fire retardant wall heat preservation very quickly.

This kind of new building materials is "FBT(A) class non-combustible wall thermal insulation board", is A kind of inorganic, non-combustible, durable new thermal insulation materials, with bulk density light, sound insulation, low thermal conductivity, strength, high softening coefficient, water resistance, high compressive strength and many other advantages, thermal insulation effect is good. The product can be made into blocks or poured on site, which is very convenient for construction. In addition to external wall insulation, it can also be used for indoor partition wall construction, which can greatly reduce the overall building load and related energy consumption.

Learned, FBT inorganic active wall heat insulation plate is a natural high quality durable high temperature light materials as aggregates, plant fiber optimization combination of a variety of inorganic materials and curing materials, flexible gradient on the basis of thermal insulation materials and material compatibility principle, USES the international leading promise binding and crack technology, break through the wall heat preservation material easy ooze water and cracking of technical problems. After factory production and preparation, it finally becomes a single component, complete products, with external wall leveling, heat insulation, fire resistance, water resistance, light sound insulation, anti-cracking, anti-air drum, anti-shedding and other properties.

Its fire performance is very strong, fully meet the requirements of the ministry of public security fire bureau document wall insulation material A fire standards. Use the wall body that this kind of plank builds, heat preservation sex is better, can maintain bedroom temperature comfortable and delightful, winter can raise indoor temperature 6-10 Celsius to do not produce sulk feeling, summer can reduce indoor temperature 6-8 Celsius to do not produce bake feeling, achieve completely or exceed the energy-saving standard of national requirement 50%-65%. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation series products and thermal insulation mortar, the use of FBT inorganic active wall thermal insulation board can save the first plastering process of the wall, optimize and enhance the crack resistance, adhesion, construction and service life of the insulation layer, and save 20% to 30% of the comprehensive cost. At the same time, the new thermal insulation building materials can make full use of coal gangue, construction waste, fly ash and other waste production, to achieve a circular economy.

At present, FBT inorganic active wall heat insulation board has been daya bay nuclear power station, China petroleum, China petrochemical, China shipping group, and other units are widely used, and access to more than 30 awards at home and abroad, is listed as national key scientific research achievements promotion plan, is the national energy administration, China petroleum and chemical group corporation designated construction, insulation materials.

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