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Insulation materials is energy-saving and safe combustion murderer could have both?

Author:adminRelease time:2019-05-25 13:42

Energy crisis is the biggest hidden danger in the 21st century, in the voice of environmental protection and energy saving, low-carbon building atmosphere is more and more strong, many buyers ask: heat preservation and energy saving and safety really can not have it both?

Can't have both heat preservation and safety?

In 2010, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere was as high as 390ppm, which led to the ecological crisis. Every citizen in the 21st century has to face the low-carbon problem seriously. Low-carbon, energy-saving and environment-friendly buildings are an irreversible construction trend in the current real estate market. One of chengdu's better known environmental projects, yueyinglong beach, estimates that after sophisticated energy-saving construction, the project could save 60 percent more energy than an ordinary residential building, a guarantee of 50 years. External wall insulation is the most important part of building energy conservation, including jiaotong university. Guigu international community, moma city, kaide fashion and other technology and environmental protection theme residential, all take external wall insulation and energy saving as the core technology.

Jiaotong university in chengdu real estate company in the jiaotong university. To show GuGuoJi community between example, summer indoor temperature control in 24 ~ 27 degrees, winter control in 18 ~ 22 degrees Celsius, the high comfort system energy saving rate is as high as 80%, "a 140 square meters of the three-bedroom house, for example, to achieve comfort, traditional methods to enable the eight air conditioning, and using this system, all only need 3 pieces enough." Jiaotong university property engineering technology general manager Chen Lin said. With the increasingly acute energy shortage, environmental protection and energy saving technology, external wall insulation materials, in chengdu real estate market all buildings have been greater use.

Heat preservation building materials is combustion killer energy saving and safety can both?

Heat preservation building materials is combustion killer energy saving and safety can both?

But in a real estate construction site, the reporter saw such a strange scene: a lot of abandoned building materials piled up in the district waste management, and some owners are decorating their own walls insulation materials knocked down, discarded in the trash can.

One owner, who recently finished renovating his new home, told the paper it was done for safety. "if there is a fire, the wall insulation system will allow the fire to spread faster," he said. Other owners also said that although the insulation system energy saving and environmental protection, but safety concerns.

Building fires and the series of disasters in Japan have raised awareness of safety. However, the original holding the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection insulation material has not played a role in being discarded, but in fact is a waste of resources. So, safety and heat preservation and energy saving, which is more important? Can't you have your cake and eat it?

In fact, whether the external wall insulation materials are accelerant, the key is its material standards. According to country now for the combustion performance of insulation materials mainly set the class A, B1, B2 three standards, A grade standard products of flame retardant performance is best, hollow vitrified microsphere, the combustion performance of inorganic insulation mortar reached A level, but in chengdu as well as in the construction of the country, although the technology is very good, because of the expensive, the market accept is difficult to use. It still needs time to break through the blockade of traditional insulation materials.

Reporters found that because of the traditional advantages in construction engineering, China railway no.2 engineering group co., LTD. 's yueyinglong beach project, announced that its building energy-saving design takes the lead in implementing 60% energy saving standards, its thermal insulation system of external wall insulation using hollow glass beads inorganic thermal insulation mortar system, the product flame retardant performance reached A level.

In addition, the roof of yueying long beach adopts thickened insulation layer and heat insulation board measures, and the outer doors and Windows adopt aluminum alloy insulating glass of heat bridge with high air tightness and small heat transfer coefficient, greatly reducing the building energy consumption.

But the insulation material good and bad are intermingled, is the external wall insulation reality question. Hand in big house property Chen always tells a reporter: to develop building unit the most important is to buy really good material, it is to squeeze likewise model board and polystyrene foam board, have quality strict distinction, material is good good very key. Chen said, for example, if a lighter is used, a good heat preservation material is added with flame retardant, and the lighter will not burn as soon as it is removed. Bad material, after lighter is taken away, still can continue to burn, the likelihood burns more fierce.

At present, the national common extruded board and polystyrene foam board are good insulation materials, but whether to achieve the national corresponding fire rating, is the key to judge the safety. The state has strict fire safety standards for all parts of the building, from the outer floor to the roof to the basement, and the levels vary from place to place. Of course, the fire rating of the external walls is the highest requirement and the most important. Jiaotong university real estate projects are done: strictly meet the corresponding national fire rating requirements.

The risk of thermal insulation material only exists in the construction and installation process, because the thermal insulation material above but also covered with several layers of completely fireproof mortar and other materials, so after the completion of the construction, the delivery of the building, there is basically no danger, this is an internationally and domestically recognized fact.

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