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Promising market of insulation materials

Author:adminRelease time:2019-05-25 13:41

Under the general trend of global energy saving, the standard of building energy saving is also improving. According to the expert forecast, in 10-20 years our country building energy conservation heat preservation project will increase greatly, heat preservation building materials market will also present a very good development prospect. In the face of this development trend, no doubt for the development of new insulation materials to create opportunities. Focusing on the research of new environmental protection building materials, the global public breaks the tradition and launches new, efficient and environmental protection building materials, so as to take the lead in the industry and keep the forefront of the industry development.

With the development of society, the requirements for thermal insulation building materials are also increasingly high, not only requires that it has good energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation effect, but also has not flammable and other good fire resistance, in order to enhance the safety of the building. The new thermal insulation building materials created by global public completely conform to this standard, with good energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation, fire prevention characteristics, widely favored by the construction industry.

Heat preservation. According to relevant data shows, the new building materials of the global public steam free aerated brick have incomparable thermal insulation, its thermal insulation effect is four times the clay brick, is three times the cement hollow brick, so it can greatly improve the living comfort of the house, let the residents more love the bedroom environment; And in hot summer, cold winter, can greatly reduce the running time of air conditioning, help people save 30-50% of the power consumption. It can be seen that the new building materials of global public not only have efficient thermal insulation effect, but also fully reflect the energy saving effect.

Fire retardancy. Due to the occurrence of a fire incident, this let people live in the house put forward higher requirements, not only to be able to shelter from the wind and rain, but also with good fire protection, from the fire. The global public has a deep understanding of people's housing needs and the importance of fire safety for the safety of residents, so that the new building materials have a good fire resistance and will not be burned, completely ensuring the safety of the house.

Environmental protection. Global public to cement, powder ash, sand, wind sand and other waste materials as raw materials, waste materials have been effectively used to avoid the waste of resources, and the use of these raw materials made of new building materials will not emit any harmful gas, fully in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

It can be seen from the above, in the heat preservation building materials development good momentum, the global public to increase the research on new building materials, and to achieve a set of heat preservation, fire prevention, environmental protection in one, it may be said is leading the trend of the industry, promoting the rapid development of the industry.

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