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Building materials market: energy-saving insulation materials contain unlimited business opportunities

Author:adminRelease time:2019-05-25 13:40

New building materials market breakthrough is very critical, Mr. He used to be a real estate development company in chengdu a material staff, through the recent years of energy-saving insulation building materials products procurement, he found a huge business opportunities in energy-saving insulation building materials products, therefore, ready to open their own an energy-saving insulation building materials store.

Large market space

In order to confirm whether Mr. He's investment project is feasible, the reporter interviewed chengdu field do better related enterprises chengdu qi neng insulation material engineering co., LTD.

Its boss, wang jianguo, holds a PhD in materials from tongji university and a postdoctoral degree in civil engineering from the university of California, Berkeley.

He believes that the global energy supply and demand relationship will become increasingly tense, and China is an energy-poor country, to achieve sustainable development, in the real estate development will have to use energy-saving insulation building materials. At present, the government has made it a necessary condition for real estate development, which will provide strong policy support for the energy conservation and insulation building materials industry. It is preliminarily estimated that the annual demand for energy-saving insulation building materials in chengdu alone reaches over 1 billion yuan. Even if a specialty store of energy-saving insulation building materials only occupies 1% of the market share, there will be a business opportunity of 10 million yuan a year.

High earnings index

From the perspective of investment, it rents a shop facing the street, covering an area of 40 square meters. The monthly rent is 2,000 yuan, and the annual rent is 24,000 yuan. 500 square meters, monthly rent of 4,000 yuan, annual rent of 48,000 yuan; 6,000 yuan for the purchase and operation of equipment, and 2,000 yuan for the apportionment after 3 years of amortization; Employ 2 employees and pay 20,000 yuan per year; Other expenses and unforeseeable expenses: RMB 6000. The total is about 100,000 yuan. Need working capital additionally 120 thousand yuan.

From the perspective of output, due to the different prices of various energy-saving insulation building materials, such as the average monthly sales of 120,000 yuan, the annual sales revenue of 1.44 million yuan, according to 20% of the gross profit level, can get 288,000 yuan gross profit. After deducting the fixed cost of 100,000 yuan, the net profit will be more than 180,000 yuan.


The nature of capital is profit-driven. As the market of energy-saving insulation building materials is in the development stage, and the government is enforcing it, the profit level is relatively high, there will be more and more producers and sellers of energy-saving insulation building materials, and the competition will be increasingly fierce. Therefore, the opening of energy-saving insulation building materials store to pay attention to the following points: choose a good port. Should choose the convenient place to set up shop, in order to facilitate the purchase of goods; Focus on quality. Don't covet cheap and neglect the quality; Join the brand chain. May choose its good person but from it, in order to receive the effect which gets twice the result with half the effort, achieves the quite good effect.

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